Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio 18 Build 6

The simpler, time-saving photo editor and organizer for every photography fan.


  • Excellent configuration options
  • Great editing features


  • Interface can be confusingly complex
  • Cannot view photo preview and information at same time


Zoner Photo Studio is a great photo editing and management suite that's perfect for serious amateurs.


Zoner Photo Studio is divided into four sections, Manager, Viewer, Editor and RAW. They're pretty self-explanatory; the RAW editor allows you to edit photos in RAW format, a slightly more advanced way of processing photos. The great thing about Zoner Photo Studio is that it is perfectly balanced - it has just the right amount of viewing and editing power for intermediate users, and is neither too simple nor unnecessarily complicated.

Editing features

Among Zoner Photo Studio's editing features are all the standards - color tweaking, resizing, cropping, etc. - and some interesting additions including iron, morph mesh and Droste effects. Zoner Photo Studio also has a good selection of publication features, so once you've edited those photos to perfection you can print, burn to disc, create 3D images, design a calendar, or email.

All-round power

The controls are simple to master, the interface is fully customizable, and the configuration settings are some of the best we've seen. It's a very complete program, and it will take you a while to discover all its features. Make the effort through, because it's sure to allow you to get the absolute best out of your photos.

Zoner Photo Studio - updated and better than ever!

The simpler, time-saving photo editor and organizer for every photography fan.

The only photo software you'll ever need. User-friendly Windows software, whose #1 advantage is that it brings every feature you need in a single package. From importing photos onto your PC, to organizing a photo archive, to editing, sharing, and RAW. And almost everything Zoner can do, it can do for batches of photos as well. For example, you can give 1000 vacation photos a frame, resize them to the size you need for a photo album, etc., all at once, saving you time. Importing: Right as you’re downloading your pictures to your PC, you can tag them, rotate them to match camera rotation (EXIF), back them up, and more. Managing: Give photographs a rating from 1-5, colored labels, descriptions, and more. Drag-and-drop them onto an integrated Google Map to GPS-tag them, so you’ll know exactly where your photos were taken even years from now. Then find any photo you need in seconds, even among thousands of others. Editing: Dozens of photo editing and retouching features - cropping, resizing, straightening, local edits, exposure and color fixes and more. A Quick Edits panel helps you fix a picture in moments using just a few sliders.
Zoner Photo Studio


Zoner Photo Studio 18 Build 6

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    Better tah Adobe photo shop elements 11 !!.
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